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Company is looking for a qualified intern to join our marketing team to work full time during the summer and part-time during the next school year. Our marketing department creates branding sales programs and promotions supporting our sales team for our consumer products. We are seeking an intern who can participate in various stages of the marketing process from market research to program implementation-roll out.

This intern should be prepared to work in a fast-paced team environment, and will gain practical experience in various aspects of marketing.


  • Assist in market research.
  • Assist in creation of monthly promotions.
  • Assist in delivery of promotional materials to sales departments.
  • Assist in marketing of promotions to customers.
  • Perform analysis of marketing and sales metrics.


Company is looking for an undergraduate student who is majoring in Sales or Marketing. This person should have excellent verbal and written communication skills and ideally should be taking or have begun to complete advanced courseware targeting their major. Word and Excel proficiency is necessary.


Marketing, Sales, Advertising.

The first 90 days of this position is unpaid; based upon performance if it is extended it will become a paid internship.

Let's face it student jobs are tough to get, you are competing against people that have work experience and are looking for a full time job. But you can find part time jobs for students. Ideally you want to find an internship because that will give you work experience in your chosen field. Jobs for students typically pay less than those of a full time employee and some may not pay at all. But the benefit to you is immense. It's competitive, but don't distress, search student jobs and summer internships in marketing and get your career started on the right path!

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