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A private practice law office needs an intern for the summer to assist our attorneys in their corporate law practice. As a legal intern your work may include: law research, clerical support, client meetings, and general case management.


  • Case study research
  • Review of discovery
  • Filing briefs with the courts
  • Attending depositions


Currently finishing undergraduate degree and preparing to law school or currently in law school. Excellent organizational habits.

Let's face it student jobs are tough to get, you are competing against people that have work experience and are looking for a full time job. But you can find part time jobs for students. Ideally you want to find an internship because that will give you work experience in your chosen field. Jobs for students typically pay less than those of a full time employee, there are less benefits as well. But the benefit to you is immense. It's competitive, but don't distress, search student jobs and summer internships in law and get your career started on the right path!

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