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Job Prep

Prepare your resume; highlight your major, the classes you have and are currently taking and how those could help you in your internship with a company. Highlight any work experience. If a company requires a portfolio, provide one. Carefully read the job posting and address their requirements. Do not send a blanket - canned response to all postings, personalize your application, show interest and research the company if it is shown before your apply.

What can you expect to do on your internship?

The range of tasks that are given to interns varies broadly they can encompass menial to important tasks. Be prepared to listen, ask questions, observe and you will gain valuable work experience. Bring a great attitude everyday of your internship. Be prompt (on-time) every day and complete your assigned tasks in the given timeframe and be respectful. You might spend some time in an office where you may have a higher education level than some of their workers; remember, they know more than you do at this point in your life and they can teach you quite a bit.

Some tasks you might be given include:

• filing • data analysis • budgeting • creating presentations • programming • telemarketing • market research • forecasting • data entry • data scrubbing • data mining • graphic design • social media marketing • communications • perform inventory counts • tracking inventory • testing • research • shipping and receiving • sales reporting • product design

So get started, search for interesting internships and apply to a number of them even if they are on the margins because experience counts! Thank you for visiting CampusInternships, best wishes for you in your job search.

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