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CampusInternships.Com is the premier place to locate that college student internship, maybe locate that perfect Hawaii internship (yea, right!) for a summer job!

Gain valuable work experience and prepare yourself for graduation. Find internships for this year, 2024 or even next year, during school or summer.

Find great student internship jobs here at CampusInternships.

Employers: Want to Post Internship Positions? is easy to use; First, click on 'Employers' option in our navigation bar. Second, complete the registration. This will setup your account and let you login and add listings to the site. You can add job listings to for only $25.00 each. Listings run for 180 days.

What you will find at CampusInternships are college internships, summer internships, part time and full time student jobs, trainee jobs, apprentice jobs. Get experience, expand your horizons, determine if you might really like your chosen field or if you need to change your major. The available positions found on this site include both paid and unpaid. Some employers may have arrangements with your school and some may even provide class credit. It's your job to read all of the description and requirements of each job listing before you apply for their position. So get started today with your work career.

Internship Jobs

Internship - def. An internship is a job that trains you for and gives you insight into a company and position that may be available when you graduate. Many times internships are trial run jobs that can let the employer test drive you before possibly offering you a full time position. Internships are full or part time jobs, they may also be paid and un-paid positions.

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